easy as pie, pizza pie that is

even though i am new to the bread baking day group, i was excited to hear that the 2 year anniversary challenge would be hosted by the founder of the group, zorra and that her choice was pizza. so simple, even i could handle that task. then came time to choose what i would actually make and it got tough, real tough. my husband and i grew up in the new york city area and to us, that is where real pizza-the best pizza is found. nothing else stacks up to it, even the homemade stuff because it is nearly impossible to duplicate that style of crust.

knowing that i could not even come close to the original, i decided not to try and just go with something that sounded good to me; deep dish sour dough pizza topped with veggies and a little pepperoni to satisfy my husband the meat freak. to make the sour dough crust, i pulled the rye starter that i made for last months whole grain bread challenge (#20) out of the fridge and fed it to get it going. after letting it sit over night, i made a lovely batch of dough using a recipe that i found on a blog called discovering sourdough. on pizza day, i sauteed off some onions with garlic, red peppers and zucchini. when the dough was stretched out in the pan, sorry i don’t have a baking stone right now, i spread some sundried tomato pesto on top of it, spread out the veggies and pepperoni and then topped it off with an italian cheese blend. this was then baked off until it was nicely browned on top and the crust was golden underneath. since it was deep dish, we cut it into squares like they do in nyc and served it with a salad.

deep dish pizza with veggies and pepperoni

congrats to zorra on 2 years of bread baking day, see you in the round up!

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