baking the day away…

before i can even blink, it’s time to post another challenge of some sort and today, it is time for bread baking day and challenge #23 which is hosted by nick of imafoodblog. this one was easy, just bake something (must be a bread) you’ve never done before. my first instinct was to lift my copy of baking with julia and look through it. it is a beautiful book that has recipes guaranteed to work if you follow the exact instructions. reading the instructions is like listening to julia-they sound exactly like she would have said them. this is especially true if you have ever watched her on tv.

whole wheat pita bread, baking with julia by dorrie greenspan
first step, make a sponge and let it rest up to 8 hours. next add the rest of the ingredients, knead it well and let it rise until it has doubled. when it is ready, divide it into 16 pieces, roll them out in a circle and then it is time to bake them. you have a choice of baking them in the oven on stones or pans or of doing it stove top in a skillet or on a griddle. since i do not have stones and i didn’t want to use the oven, i opted for the stovetop with a cast iron skillet.

with a light coat of oil, the dough is briefly placed in the pan and then quickly turned over.
the pita cooks on this side until bubbles form and then it is turned again.
it is amazing to watch because all of a sudden, it puffs up like a balloon!
to fully inflate the bread, press down on the bubble and the flat areas will puff up too. it only takes about 3 minutes per round.
the best part, a sandwich for lunch with warm pita bread!
thanks to nick for a wonderful challenge. even my husband enjoyed the bread. i turned my head and he scarfed down 3 rounds! see you next month!

2 thoughts on “baking the day away…

  1. I tried pita breads once before and couldn't get them to raise when baked … I think my oven won't get hot enough. This recipe looks great and I'm looking forward to making them like this.


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