for your entertainment

it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. we had one home sick with mono of all things. work has been busy-it’s that time of year again and my assistant quit too. darry has be completely stressed with his job-the evil forces are at it again and then there is the lousy weather that just makes things dreary. i managed to miss a pie challenge because i simply forgot what day it was but considering the cholesterol angle, maybe that is not so bad for me right now. there hasn’t been enough laughter in the house, well there was that one day when the cat got her head caught in an empty tissue box. darry put some catnip in the box to see what she would do and she stuck her head in it and then proceeded to run, bumpercar style, all over the hallway in reverse no less. what a sight it was, big black cat with a pink tissue box stuck on her head backing up into walls and what not and careening off of them. poor kitty…we laughed so hard i think i did pee on myself.
honest, we only did that one time. she wasn’t dumb enough to fall for it a second time. anyway, when i walked into the living room last night, the light was hitting the chair at the right angle and i saw an interesting pattern in the ultrasuede. look at it and see if you can identify it-it made me giggle.
yep, you guessed it-a big butt!!! not mine, darry’s and the amount of detail was amazing. right down to the stitching on the pockets of his levi’s. unfortunately, that didn’t come out in the photo.
devon’s response-man, dad has a big butt! the detail is hilarious. you can see the belt loops, seams, stitching on the pockets and the outline of the leather tag on the back that lists the size.
it’s the little things that make life amusing.

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