twd: chocolate truffle tartlettes

are you ready for another tuesday with dorie?  this week’s challenge is being hosted by 4 different participants; steph, spike, jaime and jessica.  i know i was raring to go-how could you not be ready for chocolate?  since this was a chocolate challenge, i decided to make them for valentines day with my husband and one of our daughters.   both of them are fans of chocolate, especially dark chocolate but being a pastry chef, i decided to customize my tart for them.  what that means is rather than dark and white chocolate chunks and chopped biscotti being added to the tart, i opted to use dark chocolate, peanut butter cups and peanut brittle.

 first, the dough mixes up incredibly fast in the food processor.
 rather than 6 small tartlettes, i made one 9″ tart
 as always, the marbles came out of the closet with a coffee filter to serve as pie weights
 perfectly baked!
 for the filling-egg yolks are whipped with sugar to the ribbon stage

 the booty-peanut brittle, mini peanut butter cups and bittersweet chocolate were folded into the mousse filling.

 the filling in the prepared tart shell before going into the oven
 after baking-the large tart took about 25 minutes at 350 to bake
fudgy perfection!  it was a huge hit with the husband and daughter-me too!!!
many thanks to this weeks hosts-looking forward to the next challenge.  bake on friends and if you dare, bake one and send me a photo-i will post it here!  see the tarts from all of the participants here

10 thoughts on “twd: chocolate truffle tartlettes

  1. Love your changes to the recipe!! I still have chocolate dough in the freezer. I think I'm going to try your version with it. What a beautiful tart. It puffed up nicely and definitely does look fudgy.


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