beating the heat with a twist from bobbie’s dairy dip

it’s hot and humid out there.  frying egg on the sidewalk hot-just ask my husband.  he has been walking around with a hand held infrared thermometer taking surface temps on anything that doesn’t move.  cats, dog, me; you name it, he has probably read the temp on it.  to find him something else to do, i suggested a trip to bobbie’s dairy dip for a cone.  
ice cream is one of my favorite things.  especially chocolate ice cream.  chocolate ice cream loaded with fudge and peanut butter and chunks of candy bars…but despite my chocolate obsession, i have always had a thing for a cone of soft serve.  my preference is a vanilla soft serve and i do not mean yogurt, i mean the traditional vanilla flavored frozen treat-is it even really ice cream?  not important.  the rush to eat it before it is melting and dripping down my arm may give me a brain freeze, but i do not care.  it is the tastiest way to beat the heat.

 bobbie’s dairy dip has been in business since 1951.  the newest owners took over in 2006.  the menu includes burgers and fresh cut french fries-they smelled tempting.  we stuck to the cones-priorities…

 the pick up window

 our cones.  two medium twists came to less than $5-that beats most places in town.  sure the high end places may have better quality but, every now and then, you just gotta do the soft serve.

 a medium cone is a lot of ice cream.  on a hot day, you have to be quick about it or it drips all over.

 it was that good…
beat the heat-head to bobbie’s dairy dip!
they do not have a website but do have a facebook page
for the most info on the menu and reviews, visit urban spoon, nashville scene, nashville scene foodblog-bites

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