searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

we all have vivid food memories.  that ability to recall and reminisce a flavor or a texture or the fragrance of foods we have eaten.   whether it is connected to a happy, family event or a person special to us, or maybe some other reason, the fact is, we can smell it or taste it in our memory.

one of my memories surrounds chocolate chip cookies.  the kind that come from old fashioned bakeries in the north east.  they were a little sandy, a little salty but crispy and were loaded with chocolate chips.  at that first bite, little crumbs would rain down.  i love the salty-sandy texture in a cookie.  crispy but not hard; no threat to the dental work.

my yearning for that texture, that flavor had me searching for old fashioned cookies and i came across a recipe from daily delicious.  i made a test batch, 1/4 of the recipe.  in place of butter and oil called for in the recipe, i used only coconut oil.  i also added a few extra chocolate chips (just to land at an even amount) and some walnuts because i like them in a chocolate chip cookie.  they were good.  not what i was hoping for, but still good.  the memory persists so the search will continue…

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